House of Linden v6 “the deep”

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Here I’m dipping my toe into a little deeper style of house. It’s not super deep—you don’t want to just dive right in—but it is a pretty good start. Try it with your headphones and enjoy.

The songs are a mix of slightly older and some brand new stuff.

1. Night Drive (Original Mix) by Morro Mendez & Kamil Van Derson (Spliced Vinyl Recordings 2016)
2. Stand Clear of the Closing Doors (Original Mix) by Nunzi (Kote Records 2010)
3. Char (Jeff Bennett Remix) by Julian Ganzer & Alex Niggemann (Meerestief Digital 2009)
4. Black Dahlia (Martin Patino & Enzo Elia Remix) by Martin Patino (True to Form Recordings 2009)
5. Set Me Free (Main Mix) by Homero Espinosa, Mr. V (Moulton Music 2016)
6. Suburban Night by Sascha Dive (Oslo 2010)
7. Girls by David Keno & Jaxson (Yellow Tail 2009)
8. Eli Odd Hows by Tony Rohr (Clink 2011)
9. Suspicious Behaviour (Nick Curly Remix) by Thodoris Triantafillou (Rhythmetic Records 2009)
10. Vapor by Dachshund (Systematic 2010)
11. I Found My Way (Original) by Deejay MiMMo, Michelle Shellers (Deep Deluxe Recordings 2016)
12. Give It To Me (Fred Everything Remix) by Homero Espinosa, Yogi (Random Soul), Fred Everything (Moulton Music 2015)
13. Mistral by Rodriguez Jr. (Systematic 2016)

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