Jackin’ House and Downtempo DJ

Mr. Linden moved to Seattle from Anchorage in 1998, saw Carl Cox 2 months later in 1999 and knew he made the right choice. He had pretty good luck for someone just ghosting though the Seattle DJ community: Played at ETG; Sole repair; had a residency at The Living Room Bar; DJed at the SAM Sculpture park for one of the SAM:REMIX nights; several years balancing and spinning on a makeshift Pride Float… It wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to take it a little more seriously and pursue his passion of making people dance with more gusto. Now Mr.Linden plays music appropriate for the moment, always looking to get people on the dance floor and keep ’em there using a blend of brand new and classic tracks.

Curriculum Deejaé


  • Radio DJ at KRUA 88.1fm Anchorage AK | Hosted “Trip II Utopia” and played ambient, techno, and trance.

November 2009-May 2010:

  • The Living Room Bar, 1355 E Olive Way | Hosted “Night Moves,” every other Saturday. Played 4-5 hours of music appropriate for the bar; mainly new alternative electronic music.


  • Various DJ gigs including
  • SAM Remix (August 2014)
  • 2 Space Virgin fundraisers (at Sole Repair and Electric Tea Garden)
  • DJed in the Pride Parade 3 years in a row
  • 2 Solstice Parties


  • Changed my DJ moniker from DJ Utopia to Mr. Linden and rebranded.
  • April 2nd 2016: HouseQuake! at Kremwerk with Riz Rollins and Spaceotter
  • June 25th 2016: HouseQuake! at the Timbre Room with DJ Barbeau and David Sylvester
  • November 6th 2016: Soft Option at the Monkey Loft
  • December 17th 2016: HouseQuake! at Kremwerk with The Wonder Twins


  • House of Linden quarterly 2 hour broadcast on Sugarshackradio.com
  • February 1st: Depth at Contour Lounge with James Sorrell
  • April 8th: HouseQuake! at Kremwerk with Joey Webb and Jame$ervin
  • June 9th: Earthship Seattle Dance Party at Substation B2B with James Sorrell
  • June 23rd: HouseQuake: Pride at the Timbre Room with Spaceotter and James Sorrell
  • Summer: 4 Patio Parties at the Cuff
  • First Thursdays: Started Art on the Rocks residency at Trinity Nightclub with Jason Melton and Jimmy Haslam
  • July 9th: Turntable Sundae Liquid Dreams at the Upstairs
  • August 9th: Adult Reading Party – Ambient and downtempo in the park for King County Libraries
  • August 19th: Skyway Block Party
  • September 3rd: Scrum and Tackle at the Seattle Eagle with Joey Webb
  • September 30th: Train Car House Party with Erin O’Connor-Drew, Spaceotter, Meltonwax
  • October 18th: Depth at Contour as GZRZ w/ James Sorell